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  • Over 10,000 satisfied patients!

    Men’s Edge Medical Centers utilize special Erectile Dysfunction treatments which guarantee effective and immediate results for the inability to achieve erection, the inability to keep an erection through completion of the sex act, or premature ejaculation problems, or our services are free. All prescriptions contain only FDA approved ingredients.

    Men of all ages, including those currently taking medications or who have medical-related problems which interrupt the ability to have an extremely satisfactory sex life are treated and may achieve results in only one visit.

    Before deciding on a penile implant…
    Why not try our alternative?
  • Individual Care

    We treat each patient differently to arrive at the right solution based on factors unique to each individual.


    We have many years experience in providing the services that we offer. Our entire staff is highly trained to give you the best service possible.


    We have a 99% success rate in treating our patients because of the individual care we give and the experience of our staff. Come, let us show you the results for yourself.
  • Call or inquire 24 hours a day!

    One of our physicians will examine, test and diagnose the problem causing your specific Erectile Dysfunction. The physician will then prescribe on your very first visit a unique treatment designed to address the cause of your Erectile Dysfunction.

    Our state licensed physicians can help ALL erection issues caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, age, overweight, and impotence. Even patients who have had total or partial prostate removal can experience erections on demand that last 45 minutes to 2 hours after just one visit.
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More Weight Control information is on the way…

While you’re here, check out Dennis’ amazing testimonial that we recently received via email:


Hello to all the Guys at Men’s Edge Dallas,

Just a word or two to let you know how I am progressing since my visit to your facility. As you know, I am a 55 year old 320 pound fellow that’s had high blood pressure, diabetes and anxiety problems for some time.

"I was taking 11 prescriptions per day to basically stay alive."

Everyone of these prescriptions have possible side effects that are too many to mention. The main reason I came to your clinic was because of your ad on WBAP that mentioned you could help men like me that are having problems with ED. Much to my disappointment, that was my case.

Your staff is a professional bunch of men that made me feel as comfortable as possible talking to and treating me. I thank you for that. It was determined that I had so many different problems that I might be one of your harder cases. My doctor treating me determined that

"I needed to get off as many pills as possible for me to get the place I wanted to be. To do this my first obstacle was my weight."

Men’s Edge medical doctors really worked with me to get my weight down. I have very little will power when it comes to food. If I was hungry, I ate.

It has been 26 days now since I started (their diet regimen) and now weigh 292 lbs. That’s 28 pounds lost in 26 days!

"I am so encouraged by this that I am certain I will lose 40 pounds in 42 days just like you said."

In addition to this, I quit taking all diabetes meds on day 14 of the diet (regimen) because the pills were dropping my blood sugar too low (according to the doctor). I have also quit taking 2 anxiety meds. I am now only taking 4 meds that deal with blood pressure.

Hey, that’s money staying in my pocket. I just left my primary care doctor and she has instructed me to start closely watching my blood pressure and told me which ones to quit taking and in what order as she believes if I continue to improve that I will need to stop those pills also.

I can’t believe how fast my quality of life is improving. I feel a little better every week it seems and just wanted you to know that.

I was also diagnosed with low testosterone and see great improvement in my sex drive mentally and physically because of the cream you prescribed. Thank you sincerely. I am so optimistic about everything that I plan on losing 80lbs. by next summer. With your support and guidance I truly believe I will accomplish that.

I hope men that hear your advertisements are motivated to pay you a visit as I did.


Dennis J. (A Very Happy Man)